Best Diet plan for weight loss

Sharwan Bishnoi

A healthy diet is more than just a source of energy. The food we consume not only fills our stomach but also contributes to the kind of body we have.

Nuts and seeds These are a good source of selenium and zinc. these will also help to loss weight

Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc. so eating Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds will helps to loss weight

LEGUMES AND BEANS Enriched with protein, these help in improving the metabolism and provide a sense of satiety, and will prevent weight gain.

Green Vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers which are specifically rich in Vitamin C supports thyroid function and are rich in fibre which in turn helps with weight loss.

WATER increasing water intake can help a lot in boosting the weight loss process as it helps with bloating,

Increase your iodine intake So, include Iodine rich sources such as salt, fish, dairy, eggs, etc. in your diet to loss weight.

copper and omega 3 should be a good source to loss weight.