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Last updated: March 06, 2022

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using Our Service.

Terms and condition

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use available on NirogiHealth serve to govern your use of the content offered through this site, other websites and other services on Nirogihealth.com. Users of this site agree to access the site under the terms and conditions. We nirogi health may, and continue to, update these Terms of Use from time to time by making changes or additions to them at our sole discretion. Therefore, the User is responsible for complying with these Terms and checking all these Terms of Use. User agrees to be bound by any such modification or alteration.

Trademark and Copyright Policy

Copyright and intellectual property rights in all material contained on this site, all articles, signs, logos, audio videos, images, graphics, trademarks displayed on this site and any material that may be displayed or published in the future ( which is not limited to) Nirogi Health is the property of the family.

And it is protected under applicable law. You agree not to use any framing techniques to use or affix any logo or trademarks or other information and articles and materials presented herein. Nor shall any tampering or alteration with them constitute a violation of any kind. If any type of violation is done or will be attempted, then Nirogi Health will have all the right to take strict defense or legal action.

Nirogi Health only permits the User to access or personalize the Site. You may not use any part of the Site to republish, sell or commercially use any part of the Site, copy the Site or any of its contents, use MetaTech to reproduce or reproduce or store any part of the Site in any other website. Doing so will be considered as an offence. No page or part of this site may be transmitted electronically or non-electronicly or modified in any way.

You warrant or agree that you will not make any illegal or prohibited use, as a condition of your use of the Services, that you will not use the Services for any purpose which is unlawful or unlawful by the Health Terms and Conditions and Notices. is and will be legal or prohibited. You may not use the Services in any way that could harm a Nirogi Health Server or any server-connected network. or destroy or damage. or interfere with any service.

Nor may you attempt to gain unauthorized access to any of the Services, other accounts, computer systems or any of the Services, by hacking, password mining or any other means. You may also not attempt to obtain any material or information through any illegal means.

You reserve the right that upon such suspension or termination of any breach of the Terms of Use, in your sole discretion or without any reason and without prior notice, Your right to use Nirogi Health’s website shall be terminated immediately by You You can terminate or delete your account at any time. But your information may remain stored on our servers even after your account has been deleted, closed or terminated.

You agree to this policy of nirogihealth and warrant that the website will only be used for a lawful purpose and that you will not violate any applicable state, central or local government or any other international law, regulations, ordinances or other such requirements do.

links to other sites

All content on other sites is for general information use only. This advice, do not constitute information workshop, or should not be relied upon to make any decisions. No specific advice or answer to questions in any part of the Site is the personal opinion of such experts, consultants, individuals and information provided on or through this site is not subscribed to by this site.

We are not liable for any loss or damage of any kind caused by you visiting the site in any matter related to any similar service. Before reliance on any material, users must independently verify the contents of it for their own purposes or obtain advice from a reasonable amount of money for any loss or damage or accuracy in any way from Nirogi Health Does not accept responsibility.

Nirogihealth may send you information from time to time by notification. and may also offer Healthcare products and services. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information regarding our policy regarding such offerings. Nirogi Health reserves the right to share, disclose any information in response to a requirement to make it available to any government administrative regulatory or judicial authority under any law or regulation.

approve privacy policy

By using the Nirogi Health website and services, you signify your acceptance of this Privacy Policy Statement. If you do not agree or do not feel comfortable with any of the policies described in this Privacy Policy, you may discontinue your use of the Site. we don’t have this privacy reserves the right to modify or change the policy at any time or for any reason.

contact information

Please report any violations or complaints regarding these Terms to us at [email protected].

Agreement to be bound: By using this website or ordering products, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by this agreement and all terms and conditions of this website.

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